Atlas Mills

Atlas Mills is processing imported wheat into flour for domestic bakers.Atlas Mills has been growing regularly since it was bought by Besniku Shpk in 2018 and today has a 35% share of the Albanian flour market.
The owner Mr.Dervish Domi is committed to making sure that Atlas Mills continues to play a key role in the Albanian Flour market by continuing to invest in the company.
Albania remains one of the poorest countries in Europe, and so bread is vital product of Albanian’s food and ATLAS is proudly complying with the Nutrition Flour Fortification program of the UNICEF thanks to which the Albania population is consuming some fortified bread.

Our daily capacities


Storage of grain in silos


Daily Production


Ready Product

Our Products

Atlas Mills has an established product portfolio that includes about 60 different kinds.

The products are divided in three categories:

  1. Flour for Professionals
  2. Flour for consumers
  3. Sub Products